My 21-year-old daughter has a disability that requires full-time mobility care.

Showering and toileting are basic human rights, and with the assistance of Trevor, his family, the Placeable Team and their amazing portable (fully equipped) en-suite, my daughter can now enjoy these rights in the comfort of our own home.

Not only did the Placeable Team deliver a Portable Ensuite with heating, cooling, independent hot water system which are all essential for my daughter’s health and safety, but the team also built a walkway from our home to the ensuite and installed a front access ramp, which allows my daughter safe access to the facility. All modifications are in accordance with the relevant standards, are well built and finished professionally.

The ensuite is maintained regularly by the team to avoid any functional issues.

My daughter, her carer and I are so impressed with this amazing bunch, we could not recommend them enough. We are all beyond happy with everything that Placeable have done for us.